Academic Analysis & Reporting

The Callender Group offers a variety of academic analysis services to help operators, sponsors, and school leadership make key decisions about their schools.


Data Analysis & Comparisons

With nearly two decades of experience understanding, manipulating, and analyzing academic and fiscal data (including state test results, public funding information, and school-specific data), our team provides reliable, concise, data-driven answers to your school performance questions. We can help inform everything from day-to-day school operational decisions to expansion planning, catered to your specific needs and with apples-to-apples comparisons.


Performance Reports & Other Publications

Our team puts its marketing and communications know-how to work alongside our understanding of school performance data to help the charter community craft annual reports to parents and stakeholders, board member updates, and other messaging documents.


Student Achievement & Accountability

New start-ups often lack the internal capacity to analyze student achievement data to drive results. Established schools and organizations benefit from a fresh, “outsider” perspective. No matter your needs, the Callender Group can assist you in understanding and analyzing school performance data.