Board Liaison Services

Board Meeting Minutes

Our qualified board liaison will attend your board meetings to record the actions of the meeting.  Prior to the next meeting, you will receive draft minutes to review.

Board Meeting Packets and Management

Our qualified board liaison will communicate, via email, with the board members, and all interested parties (legal, sponsor, operator, school directors, fiscal officer, etc.), at least seven (7) days prior to a board meeting to “call for agenda action items”.  Once these items are known, the liaison will assemble and send out a board packet, via email, prior to the board meeting, inclusive of a meeting agenda, draft meeting minutes from the last board meeting, any resolutions or policies that shall be considered by the board, and any other pertinent information arising from the “call for action items.” In addition, the liaison will also provide printed copies of the board packet to be distributed at the board meeting for review.

Our Board liaison will facilitate communications with vendors, sponsors, and interested parties to assure board action items do not become unattended, or are forgotten.  Considering quorum requirements are critical to ongoing operations of an organization, the board liaison will personally call and connect with each board member to assess if quorum will be met before the meeting date.  In addition, our board liaison is fluent in Parliamentary Procedure and will be happy to assist any officer or member in running an efficient and effective board meeting.

If requested, our board liaison will collect critical documents adopted (Minutes, Resolutions Policies) at the end of the meeting, will electronically scan items to the appropriate parties, and send the original hard copy to a client’s legal counsel, main office, or any other hard storage area required.

Meeting Notices

Our board liaison will assess the current status of an entities’ public meeting notice, and will assist in publishing or republishing, if needed, to reflect the current board meeting calendar. This will include assuring that proper notice of meetings is posted in a conspicuous place in a building, posted in a newspaper of common circulation, and any other actions that need to be taken to comply with Ohio law and the board’s notice policy.