Education & Schools

Callender Law Group assists community “charter” schools, traditional public schools and private schools, in all aspects of day-to-day school/education matters, such as:

  • Employment/labor disputes
  • Student rights and discipline matters
  • Disciplinary matters (student/employee)
  • Vendor and Operator disputes
  • School/Board policies
  • Special Education compliance and discipline
  • General/Unlimited phone calls for school board legal support
  • Department of Education disputes
  • Sponsor relations and disputes
  • Auditor of State compliance, and school audit disputes
  • Board Meetings (minutes, calls for quorum, meeting packets, Parliamentary Procedure, public notice, public record management)

Community “Charter” School Development

Since the very beginning of charter schools in Ohio (1997), we have assisted developers in creating new schools, and have successfully represented them in all phases of development and growth, including incorporation, sponsor identification, negotiation of charters, charter renewals, vendor contracts, management agreements, and leases. Some examples of our work include:

    • Ohio not-for-profit filings
    • Bylaws
    • Property Acquisition (lease/purchase)
    • Federal Application and IRS Informational Requests for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status
    • Identification, Application, and Negotiation of Sponsor Contract
    • Creation, Negotiation and Revisions of Operator, Vendor, and Education Service Provider Contracts
    • Charter Renewals
    • Sponsor Disputes

These items are essential for a developing school’s overall capacity, long-term viability, and providing the school with a successful foundation while supporting the school’s mission.

Policies and Handbooks

Policies are essential to ensuring students, parents, employees, fiscal services, and vendors understand what is expected, comply with Federal and State laws, and spell out the process. Whether or not an appropriate policy and procedure was in place, and whether it was followed by appropriate personnel, can be critical to the school’s budget, public image, and overall efficiencies.  Well-crafted and regularly updated policies also serve to insulate the school from unnecessary legal actions, such as a student suspension or employee termination.  Provide Initial School Policies in compliance the Ohio law, regulations, Ohio Department of Education, Attorney General, Auditor of State, Ohio Treasurer, Ohio Budget and Management Office, etc.

      • Personnel/Employee policies
      • Disciplinary policies
      • Student/Parent handbook
      • Sunshine Law (open records/open meetings) compliance
      • Other required policies, such as Fiscal Policies, Special Education Policy, FERPA Policies, etc.

Parents & Families

Federal laws such as the IDEA and the Rehabilitation Act guarantee certain rights to students with disabilities, along with a lengthy, formal process for ensuring that those rights are protected. Other state and federal laws and the U.S. Constitution guarantee rights to all students, such as the right to due process in a disciplinary matter, or to receive transportation or other services provided by the school district.

    • Services for students with IEP’s
    • Issues concerning special needs children
    • Issues concerning gifted education
    • Transportation issues
    • Disciplinary hearing matters