Fee Structure, Legal

We understand the frustration clients feel when expenses unexpectedly exceed amounts budgeted for those purposes. We also understand that poorly planned pricing arrangements can get in the way of client service. For these reasons, our main goal in structuring a pricing plan is to prevent surprises.

We offer affordable and competitive fees structures depending on the type of the engagement you want, that can also be combined into a hybrid fee arrangement, as follows:

Flat, Monthly Fee: We are “on call” 24/7 for your school or organization! As a fixed expense line item, this fee structure allows clients to plan their budgets wisely, and allows them to reach out anytime to get real-time answers, work through problems, or just to help  brainstorm without fear of a billing-clock running. There is no risk of going over budget, and it encourages clients to reach out to us on potential problems before they could become big problems.

One-time, Flat Fee:
 Based on the anticipated time, resources, and expertise to deliver the client’s request to completion, this fee option is good for a particular, single transaction or an isolated issue.

Hourly Fee:
 For clients who are comfortable with the traditional billing model or are unsure as to the scope of the engagement, we will agree ahead of time on affordable hourly rates for our staff.

We believe flexibility and affordability is key to meeting the needs of the businesses we represent. If you have a better idea, please share it with us!