Our goal with training sessions is to assure board members, school vendors or operators, and school staff such as teachers, administrators, and school leadership fully understand the tools in their toolbox. Armed with the current information and industry best practices, they will be able to focus and do this best job they can for their students!

Board Training: It is essential to equip present and future board members with the knowledge they need to properly fulfill their duties.  Board leadership is a key component for successful charter schools! Once we determine the needs of your board, we will design a specially-tailored training to assure development of  best practices for board members. Some examples of what our training can cover:

  • Public Meetings, Public Notice, Public Documents
  • Open Meetings (Sunshine) requirements
  • Duties and Roles of Board Members, Operators & Sponsors
  • Labor and Employment “do’s and don’ts”
  • History of Charter Schools and school choice

Board members will receive a Certificate of Completion, along with the time period they were in attendance, to submit to their sponsor for their required board training.


Staff Training (Teachers, Leadership, Operations): It is critical to support our teachers and staff as the core of the school.  The Callender Group team members are equipped with the required backgrounds to address the topics teachers and staff need most.  We encourage dialogue, discussion, and we make it fun – usually with a magic trick or two – for teachers and staff to learning critical information to help them be more efficient and effective in their roles.

Some examples of what our training can cover:

  • Duties/Roles of Staff, Board, Operator, and Sponsor
  • Managing Special Education (discipline, curriculum, testing, audits)
  • Requests for Public Documents (FERPA vs. Freedom of Information)
  • Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES)
  • Curriculum, Data, and Assessments
  • Current events and trends in teaching and administration

Depending on current issues facing the teachers and staff, and requirements of the administration, we are able to tailor our training to your needs.

Please contact us if your school board or staff needs training.  We would be happy to develop a training specifically meeting your needs!